Magellan E&P Holdings, Inc.

Magellan E&P Holdings, Inc. is a privately owned independent oil and gas operator with offices conveniently located in the Galleria area of Houston, Texas.
Magellan focuses on oil and gas projects in the onshore and offshore Gulf coast shelf. To limit exploration risk, Magellan has targeted proven hydrocarbon plays and mature fields. The company is particularly interested in production areas that involve tight or high clay, low resistivity pay. Magellan has acquired leases located in areas previously drilled and produced by majors and large independents.

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Production techniques and large draw downs historically utilized by larger oil companies may have been appropriate in the previous period of low product prices. Such approaches contributed significantly to the early demise, or perceived demise, of many oil and gas fields. The producing reservoirs in those fields were sometimes prematurely abandoned. This created the existing opportunity to enhance recovery rates and generate further revenue. In the present product price environment, the production life of many previously abandoned fields can be extended and enhanced with careful study and the application of modern production engineering techniques.



Magellan is a member of Clean Gulf Associates and is committed to environmentally safe operational practices.